What People Said

“I had the best time at Cardinal Langley Sixth Form and I miss it so much now. I made some amazing friends and found all the staff to be really supportive.” Elivia, Summer 2020

“For me one of the biggest things and best things about our Sixth Form is that it just feels like one big family.” Alice, Previous Head Girl, Summer 2020

‘My time at Cardinal Langley has greatly improved my confidence, independence and made what is a stressful time in my life as fun and enjoyable as possible through many different ways’. Charlie – Previous Head Boy, leaver, Summer 2018

‘Coming back to college Cardinal Langley was the best decision I could have made and it has completely changed my view of what I thought the sixth form experience was going to be’. Emelye – Previous Deputy Head Girl, leaver, Summer 2018

‘I chose cardinal Langley because it is ideal for anyone already coming from lower down school and for those who favour small class sizes. I knew that the smaller classes would greatly benefit my post 16 education and ensure I could achieve my goals regarding university and post 18 options. The close relationship with my teachers also greatly benefited my education, making learning much more easy and efficient, a great benefit due to the demands of A levels and college life.’ Jack – leaver, Summer 2018

‘I chose Cardinal Langley because I was already familiar with most of the staff within and outside of the sixth form team, as some had already taught me throughout my lower years. This was also essential for the subjects I wanted to take as I knew that I would have to keep in contact all the time with my teachers, through emails, and be able to confidently approach them when I needed help. So, the familiarity that I had with all of my teachers has benefited me a lot due to the fact that they knew me already and could adapt their teaching skills to suit my learning needs.’ Mariam – leaver, Summer 2018

‘I had a great time in 6th form. Studying for A-levels is hard work and it does require a lot of determination and effort, but you get all the help you need from the teachers. I got involved in lots of events that are on offer in the 6th form and went on many trips’. Jack – leaver, Summer 2017

‘Sixth Form at Cardinal Langley was a really positive experience for me. I made lots of friends and did really well in my final exams. The teachers were really supportive and they had really high standards’. Louie – leaver, Summer 2017

‘I really enjoyed my time at Cardinal Langley. I was pushed by my teachers a lot but I was also well supported throughout my time there’. Hannah – leaver, Summer 2017

‘Sixth Form was great. I made lots of friends, had a good time but also worked hard. I got some good grades that has enabled me to go on to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Nottingham University’. Rory – leaver, Summer 2017